Important iOS Beta (all versions) and iOS 10 user information

This is now an obsolete article as we only support iOS versions from 11 onwards.

The Shine Interview App was created for iOS devices from version 9 upwards.

As with any application, to optimise performance after downloading our App, we strongly recommend you close all other open applications before commencing your recording. Likewise disable any auto locks and push notifications that may interrupt your recording.

The aim is to free up memory on your device that may be allocated elsewhere. By taking these steps before you start, you should then be able to concentrate on your responses without any interruptions.

Apple are regularly updating releases to iOS 10.x which may result in occasional unexpected behaviour of the Shine Interview App.

If the App does crash, merely re-open it, re-enter your invite code and the App will continue where it left off. If you take note of these instructions and ensure all other App are closed etc. then you minimise the risk of the App crashing.

We also do not recommend that you use beta versions of iOS as these are unsupported software updates.

Please note that iOS 9 is unaffected, although we still recommend closing all other apps prior to starting your recording so that it can not be interrupted part way through.

We have a dedicated troubleshooting guideline that we recommend you look at before commencing recording as well as an extensive article of what you can do with your decide should the App crash:

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