What else can I do to help me prepare for my interview?

Before you commence your interview it’s worth checking the following to make sure you don't experience any problems or get interrupted:

  • Does my device have sufficient battery life?
  • Does my device have sufficient storage?
  • Have I closed all open applications?
  • Have I turned off any auto locks or screen savers?
  • Have I turned off notifications for other applications that may interfere with my interview?
  • Do I have a reliable internet connection?
  • Have I made sure I'll not get a phone call half way through answering a question?
  • Am I certain my camera and microphone is enabled?

When you are actually taking your interview it's worth noting the following:

  • Question time limits may vary so be prepared to answer fluently noting any time limits on how long you have to answer.
  • When you've completed your interview, please be patient, if you have a slow internet connection it may take quite a while to process and upload all of your answers.



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