General troubleshooting

I’ve entered my invite code and nothing happens?

  • Did you a notification alerting you of anything to check before starting?
  • Have you got internet access?
  • When you installed the App, did you accept the required permissions?
  • Have you checked the camera (video) and microphone (audio) permissions are set correctly on you device? 
  • Try deleting the App and re-installing the App and start again.

I’m being asked to enter a username and password?

  • Has the organisation who sent you an invite, emailed you an incorrect link. If you use the app you will not be asked for a username or password, just your invite code.
  • If you are using a computer or laptop, check the website URL is

I can't playback my practise question!

  • Playback of the practise question and/or an actual question will be disabled for Android devices running the KitKat operating system (version 4.4.x). All other versions and iOS versions will allow you to playback your practise question (or actual question if allowed by the company who set up the interview).

I’ve completed my interview but the App or website is stuck saying “please wait”.

  • Patience is the key, depending on your hardware specifications and internet connection speed, upload times can vary. If you are using one of our Apps, it can take between a few minutes or a few hours depending upon your Internet connection speed to fully upload all of your answers. You can however user your device as normal but please leave the App running in the background
  • Check you’ve not lost internet connection.
  • If using the web version on your computer or desktop do not refresh your browser. This will cause your uploads to be terminated and you may be required to start again. 

I’ve accidentally closed the App? Will there be any problems with my interview?

  • If you’ve already completed, the App will continue from where it left off, be in the next question you need to answer or it will continue processing and uploading your answers.
  • If using one of the App’s, even if you start the interview and lose internet access, it will resume uploading once connections are restored – provided the App is open and not “force-closed”.

I’ve completed the interview but I’d really like to do it again.

  • Please contact the company that sent you the invite as we are unable to assist in this matter.
For some reason no matter what I try, I still cannot complete my interview. How can I proceed? 
  • If you experience such a rare occurrence as this, with permission from the company that sent you your invite, you may be able to record your answers offline.
  • You could then email them to the company that sent you the invite who can manually upload them into the system.
  • Please check with the company that sent you the invite to see if they will allow you to do this.
It's taking ages to upload my interview?
  • Do you have a good reliable Internet connection? Are you using Wi-Fi or are you hard-wired into your broadband connection? Are you using 4G? Try switching between these to see if it helps speed up completion of your interview.
  • Are you sharing our Wi-Fi - is anyone streaming that is causing your upload speed to slow down?
  • Does your internet provider have reduced upload speeds at certain times of the day - known as throttling? Try uploading outside of these restrictive hours.
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