How to enable permissions on Android devices

Occasionally when installing the App, permissions to access your microphone or camera do not get set correctly. If you experience any issues entering your code, or stepping through the interview, please follow these steps:

First, navigate to the settings page that will be located on your main menu. Toggle to Settings.


Now you need to enter into the settings button and locate in that page another page called Apps or Applications. This where you are able to set the correct permissions for the App.

When you have toggled into the Apps or Applications icon you have to find the icon that says Shine or Shine Interview and press on that.

In this page you will now be able to change the permissions of this specific App so you can switch on the camera and the microphone.

Please also check your device volume levels are sufficiently set too.

Note: we strongly recommend you try out the practise question on the App a few times to make sure the lighting conditions and sound levels are working sufficiently for you to commence and complete your online interview.

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