Basic guide on things to look out for if your App unexpectedly stops working

The following problems may have occurred for the App to have stopped.

  • Does your device have sufficient internal storage?
  • Have you got a stable Internet connection?
  • Has your phone auto-locked itself?

If any of the things above have happened please follow the steps below to resume from where you left off:

If in the App it stops working or the video is taking a long time to upload, please try the following:

  • Close the App (force stop it if necessary to close it completely)
  • Go to your file manager or file settings
  • Open the file under the name of Shine Interview
  • Delete all of the files that are in the folder and any videos stored
  • Reopen the App and it should work accordingly

If you press your lock button on your mobile device and the screen switches of one of two things could happen:

  • In some cases, your interview will still be rolling and it will continue as normal and you may need to contact the company to see if they will grant a new interview.
  • The video interview may have stopped and you need to follow the steps above to delete temporary files. After following these steps your invite code will still be valid and you will be able to resume the interview.

Please also ensure that you have installed the latest updates to your operating system, particularly on the latest technology devices.

If any of the steps above do not work, please get in touch with us or the company who sent you your invite.

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