Which devices are supported for recording interviews?

For recording of interviews, we provide a native App to download for iOS and Android (all of which are available from the respective App stores). For the best experience, this is our recommended method.  

You can also record interviews online if you have a webcam and modern browser – currently the latest versions of Chrome, Opera and Firefox (excluding v.48) in a Windows or Mac computer. The recording uses HTML5 and is the most modern, reliable and secure way to record video. Internet Explorer is currently not supported, as it does not fully implement the HTML5 standard.

Some other video interview tools use Flash to record video. We have deliberately decided to not use this old technology. Flash is currently being phased out, is not supported by Apple or Firefox browsers and is known to be at high risk of security breaches.

We therefore ask that you use either Chrome, Opera or Firefox (excluding v.48) on a laptop or PC, Safari on a Macintosh computer or better yet use the Apps on your phone or tablet. Please note we don't recommend using open source Linux based devices or browsers such as Chromium.

You never need to pay to use the platform.

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