Sub accounts and Rules

As an Admin user with an Enterprise package, it is possible to create sub accounts. Typically, sub accounts are used to provide access to your own clients whilst keeping their data separate, or to segment within an organisation, for example department. There is no limit to the number of sub accounts, including creating sub accounts within sub accounts if needed. This allows for a hierarchy, for example, parent, child, grandchild.


Users associated with a parent account have access to all data, videos and roles within any child accounts. However, users associated to a child account will not have access to other child accounts.


As an example, this means the parent account could be used by HR, with one child account for Sales and another for Operations. Managers within Sales and Operations cannot see each other’s job roles or interviews, but someone with HR could see both. A company introduction video could be created by HR to be used in both Sales and Operations, but each could create their own job descriptions that are not shared.

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